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how it all started

for Pieter...

Frans, the father of Pieter was during the war a forester in Arendonk, on the castle of Sians, but was also a very good pigeon fancier. On a certain day all pigeons were claimed by the Germans. Customs authorities sergeant Pieters asked him to hide 4 pigeons on the castle. "if they now catch me with four pigeons or twelve" Pieter heard his father say; and this way he placed twelve pigeons on the attic. One day the window of the little room was left open by mistake and all the pigeons were gone.  And what was feared, happened: the next time they saw the pigeons was when the Germans were nibbling on them. Fortunately Pieter, who was also involved in this matter, had taken 4 young pigeons at home just a few days earlier. And this happy chance meant for him the start as a pigeon fancier.

Pieter married during the war and the newly weds established themselves in Poppel. He brought along his 4 pigeons, of which one became sick there and died. To Rie Van Hees, then municipality secretary, he lent his redundant pigeon with the appointment that every half of the boy would get. And wondrous above wondrous, the first young pigeon that he obtained this way, won five times first price. One year later he himself had three good young ones. The years came and went, for twenty years Pieter mastered the championship of short distances in the province Antwerp with these pigeons. Until Pieter was eventually forced to switch over on long distance (fond). The reason for this, time lack on Sunday mornings. Pieter had a grocery and a milk round and especially on sunday morning his wife couldn't cope with all the work alone. It happened more than once that Pieter was serving the customers and the pigeons sat already on the loft patiently waiting for their boss.

for Johan...

At a given moment Pieter didn't play that well and for this reason his son Johan decided to start playing with the pigeons. Father Pieter wanted to convince Johan not to do this.  But, he didn't succeed and Johan stayed steadfast. In 1977, Johan put his first steps in the world of pigeon fancying with only one aim: the long distance (heavy fond). That love for the heavier work he inherited from his father and also a lot of well selected pigeons. Until the death of his father he didn't have to breed his own pigeons, Pieter supplied him.

Even now, these pigeons still form the back edge of his race. The blood of fathers 'old Conjaerts' appears on a lot of pedigrees. It is striking that only few newcomers get to join the breeding stock. On a public sale in the Netherlands Johan bought a pigeon: Kuijpers x Jan Hermans. That's one of the exceptions that gives enough satisfaction as a breeder. Also crossings with pigeons of Adriaan Daems have pleased him.